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The Team

Who We Are

Picture of Summa Collings, - company director


Alan Sugar

Director and founder of Custom Wood Co. Never one to shy away from getting knee-deep in on the action. 

 Passionate, energetic and entrepreneurial, and only occasionally impulsive. Her passion and commitment have led the company from backyard hobby to nationwide furniture delivery and custom carpentry. Always thinking about the next big thing which is the kind of mentality that keeps a business growing. 

Watch this space...


Our Northern Star

Our Kate-of-all-trades is a new addition to the A-Team and she did not hesitate to get stuck in.

Kate is not one to sit and twiddle her thumbs, she prefers to keep them busy dealing with the office admin or keeping the lads on their toes in the workshop. 

Yet to find something this girl can’t do…

Kate Custom Wood Co


The Comedian

Josh is a long-standing member of the team and despite his light-hearted outlook on life he always gets the job done. 

He enjoys creating our best-selling pieces as well as thinking up new styles. 

Every workshop has it's joker, right? 

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