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Freestanding rustic scaffold breakfast bar with tile top and shelves

Tiled Breakfast Bar with Shelves

Your new favourite brunch spot just came home! The cutest little spot to sit for a coffee and a croissant. it's freestanding so easy to fit in to your home surroundings. 


Easy like Sunday morning, the shelves provide ample storage for all your breakfast bits, so all you need to do it pop the kettle on and take a seat at your breakfast bar. 


The stylish design means it can be popped anywhere . It doesn't skimp on quality and offers great value for money. Tiled top offers versatility and an easy wipeable surface. 


Range of tiles and colour available so mix it up for your unique design. 


If you opt for the faux leather-topped stools please write in your order notes whether you would like brown, grey or black. 

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