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Personlised bamboo plate and bowl set

Personalised Children's Bamboo Plate and Bowl

The cutest  mealtimes await with our fully personalised bamboo dinnerware set. Includes a suction bottom bowl, section place and two spoons. 


  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo: Crafted from premium bamboo, our personalized plates/bowls offer a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional dinnerware. Enjoy your meals with the knowledge that you're making an eco-conscious choice


  • Customisable Design: Engraved with a name of your choice and comes in a range of colours


  • Versatile and Durable: Whether it's a hearty soup or a vibrant salad, our bamboo plates and bowls are designed to handle it all. The natural strength of bamboo ensures durability, making them perfect for everyday use.


Handwash only

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    ALL-NATURAL BAMBOO: Made from all-natural hypoallergenic bamboo and food-grade silicone to protect your child from BPA, phthalates, and other toxins.

    POWERFUL SUCTION BASE: Non-slip base / Stay-put design that will stop your kids from moving their plate and spilling food.

    Silicone suction base will ensure your kid’s plate will stay where they are meant to at mealtimes.

    EASY CLEAN: Just with warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. Silicone placemat resists stains and does not absorb flavours.

    ANTI SCALDING: Deters burns to baby's delicate fingers if they reach out for it during feeding.

    3-SECTIONED PLATE: The sectioned plate is convenient for serving various food groups and encouraging weaning.

    They are fantastic for assisting parents in preparing balanced meals.

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