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A Frippin' Farmtastic Day for the Custom Wood Company Team

When we were contacted by Jodie Marsh to create some custom bird enclosures for her animal rescue centre we couldn't have been more delighted to help.

Jodie got in touch when she found us on Facebook after seeing an aviary that we had created for a local customer.

The rescue centre was due to receive 30 budgies and 5 cockatiels within the week so the timescale was tight, but being animal lovers ourselves, of course we were happy to rise (quite literally starting at 5am every morning) to the occasion.

We arranged to deliver and install on-site at Fripps Farm in Essex for 8.30am Wednesday morning and so our Somerset-based team tucked themselves into bed nice and early ready for the 2.30am alarms the following day.

Wednesday morning the vans were loaded and we all set off. A quick coffee stop at the services, then we headed off for the final leg of the trip.

When we arrived we were given a lovely warm welcome from Jodie and began the installation.

Incase you haven't heard of them, Fripps Farm animal rescue is owned by former model and documentary maker Jodie Marsh. Fripps Farm is currently home to over 250 animals, many of which have been saved from slaughter. Jodie gives a loving home to animals that are either unwanted or in danger of being put to sleep/slaughtered. With the correct nutrition, care and expertise Jodie has also brought sick or injured animals back from the brink of death. Follow ers of the farm can clearly see how loved the animals are and how special Jodie’s bond is with them. All animals welcome at Fripps Farm. What they do is absolutley incredible and we encourage everyone to donate anything they can to support the amazing work they do Head to their website Fripps Farm.

After a long day of hard graft we were offered a tour of the farm by resident Dr DoLittle herself, Jodie. It was clear to see how much she cares about the animals and the farm does an amazing job of rescuing and looking after these animals, both domestic and wild, to secure a postive future for them. The animals are fond of her too!

We stayed and chatted to Jodie well into the evening, fascinated by her stories and endeared by her warm and down-to-earth personality and most definately in awe of what she has achieved in a short space of time for the welfare of the animals.

The Custom Wood Company are so grateful that Jodie chose us to create some custom animal enclosures at Fripps Farm and we look forward to working with them again soon.

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