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Crocodile River Resin Table

Crocodile River Resin Table

Introducing the Wild River Crocodile Resin Table – Where Nature Meets Elegance


A sure-fire hit with any Steve Irwin fan, this is a completely unique masterpiece. 


Transform your living space into an awe-inspiring oasis of nature's beauty and artistic craftsmanship. 


Our Crocodile River Resin Table is a perfect mix of untamed wilderness and refined design, making it the ultimate statement piece for your home. 


Inspired by the wild, and crafted with an exceptional eye for detail, this resin table captures the raw power and mystique of the mighty crocodile. The mesmerising resin is perfectly complimented with the wooden top and steel legs.  


Bring nature indoors and transform your living room, dining area, or office space into a sanctuary of natural wonder. Whether you live in a rustic cabin or a contemporary city apartment, the Crocodile River Resin Table will effortlessly enhance any environment, sparking conversations and inspiring admiration.


Don't miss the chance to own a piece of the wild. Order this Crocodile River Resin Table today and transform your space into a sanctuary of style and nature.


47cm high

90cm long

49cm wide

    £600.00 Regular Price
    £500.00Sale Price
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