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Carpentry Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms carefully as they contain important information relating to deposits and bookings for bespoke or carpentry projects

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



a) The Custom Wood Company Ltd shall be known as “The Company”

b) “The Customer” is the person(s) responsible for signing the customer confirmation and payment of invoices

1) This signed Customer Confirmation is accepted as a firm order by the Company and the Customer therefore agrees to the Company’s terms and conditions. Please ensure the quotation outlines all work you wish to be carried out. Any additional work required or requested will incur an additional charge.

2) Installation dates given are approximate and in good faith, however, this may be affected by circumstances out of the Company's control and may have to be changed. Under no Circumstances is the Company liable to claims based on delay, inconvenience rental loss, or The Customer taking any time off work.

3) The Company will take all reasonable care of the Customer’s property whilst carrying out the work, however the Company cannot accept liability for any unavoidable damage as a result of wear and tear or age of the surrounding decorations. Where agreement has been made to make good any decorations the Company cannot undertake to match existing tiles, wallpaper, paintwork or external finishes. The price quoted will not include the repair or replacement of rotten timbers or structural defects found during the course of carrying out the work unless specified in the quotation.

4) The Customer agrees to allow reasonable access to the installation address by the Company’s employees or sub-contractors in order to carry out the works, the Customer also agrees to negotiate access to any neighbouring property should it be necessary to complete the works.

5) The Customer agrees to obtain any relevant permission for the installation including but not restricted to planning permission.

6) Title to all materials and units to complete the installation remains with the Company until payment is received. If payment is not received, the Company reserves the right to take any legal measures necessary to collect payment owed.

8) The Company will invoice the Customer on completion of the work and payment becomes due by return. Payment is accepted by cash, debit card or credit card.

9) The Company will issue a guarantee on receipt of full payment of the final invoice. The guarantee does not extend to damage or faults due to accidents, misuse, neglect or fair wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, acts of god or other circumstances outside of our control nor does it cover claims due to finish of door furniture. Additional items, decorations or installations made by the customer will void the guarantee.

10) Whilst the Company will do everything possible to ensure that the quality of any glass supplied is of first-class standard, glass manufacturers will not Guarantee against minor imperfections arising from the glass manufacturing process, therefore the Company will not accept any liability whatsoever for such defects.

12) By agreeing to this quotation/agreement you are also consenting to your personal being shared with third parties for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of our Contract with you to supply and install the products you have requested. Personal data includes title, name, address, telephone number/s and email address/es. This data will be used to provide essential communication and documentation and will be retained on our computer system/file for the lifetime of the guarantees, which do not exceed 10 years.

13) Deposits. Under all circumstances, deposits are non-refundable unless the work or job is canceled by ourselves. We require a minimum of 7 days notice to move pre-booked jobs, should you need to move your installation date please email us ASAP. We will try to accommodate re-arranging the work but can not guarantee timescale for when that will be.

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